Fund Raisers

"Peter is amazing! When our president left the
stage to a standing ovation, I knew we had hired the right person."

- Marci Lobofsky, Boston Scientific

Fund Raising with Hypnotist Shows

Easy and Fun to Produce - A 'No Stress' Guarantee

"Peter Gross was phenomenal. I literally watched a man fall out of his chair onto the floor from laughing so hard. People told me they have never laughed so hard in their entire lives."

Kim Jordon, Fundraising Chair, Stratton Maine 

"Absolutely entertaining, mind-boggling and experience of a lifetime."
Franklyn Lakes NJ Public Library

Are you looking to produce a fund-raising night is fun, easy and makes money?  Hypnosis shows from the Boston Hysterical Society are a perfect solution.  

Hypnotist Peter Gross does dozens of hypnosis fund raisers every year and hypnosis shows sell themselves because almost everyone either, wants to be in the show or watch thier friends participate.  Get Hypnotized can be used by any charity or non-profit because Peter Gross's shows are always

family-friendly and school-safe.

Hypnotist Shows are easy to produce

Get Hypnotized easily fills a stage with funny, active volunteers but shows can be done with minimal sound equipment in non-traditional venues such as:

  • Campus Cafeterias

  • Dining Halls

  • Gymnasiums

  • Lecture Halls

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Outdoor Stages

  • Banquet Halls

Some charities bring Peter back year and year, because since every audience is different and every group of volunteers is different, every show is different.

Peter’s Interactive Comedy has entertained for Fortune 500 companies including

about peter

Peter has performed internationally including Germany, Spain, Holland, Japan, and Hong Kong. He's a headliner for Carnival and Celebrity Cruises and was featured act at the world famous Just For Laughs festival. In Rotterdam, Peter won two silver medals at the Orangeboom International Variety Performers Competition. In 2003, Peter began his training as a hypnotist, performing his first show 6 weeks after graduating. His interest in capturing the full power of the mind have led him to Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Landmark's Curriculum For Living.