Comedy Magic

"Peter is amazing! When our president left the
stage to a standing ovation, I knew we had hired the right person."

- Marci Lobofsky, Boston Scientific

Comedy Magic...and Other Suspect Activities

'Peter is hip, sophisticated and very, very funny.'
Vancouver International Comedy Fest

'You were spectacular! Our audiences raved. Our staff raved. And I was raving mad that I missed it.'
Richard Cary, Actor's Theater of Nantucket

'Every time he comes on stage, you know you are going to see something absolutely amazing!'
Marci Lubosfsky, Boston Scientific Corp.

Peter Gross is a comedian who also knows a couple of really cool tricks.  He brings together stand up comedy and magic to create a show that features plenty of audience participation, spontaneity and memorable moments. Whether Peter's working at a comedy club, a board room or a hotel ball room, his show is in 'perfect pitch' with his audience.

20 years of experience performing magic and comedy, Peter offers a wide range of solutions for whatever type of event you are planning.  Peter has hosted awards presentations and performed customized shows for product rollouts, but he is just as comfortable entertaining individuals one-on-one at a cocktail party or mixer.

Consider hiring Peter for sales meetings, company outings, off-sites, award ceremonies, receptions, client appreciation events, IPO celebrations.

Magic To Fit Any Environment

Events come in all sizes, so Peter and the Boston Hysterical Society offer a wide range of magical performances.  

Close-Up Magic & Strolling Magic

Peter doesn't require a lights, smoke or even a stage to be AMAZING.  Peter can create amazing magic for audience of one or two.  And close up magic is almost always the most memorable magical experience, because it's JUST FOR YOU.  

Whether you call it close up magic, strolling magic, street magic, hand magic, impromptu magic or sleight-of-hand, Peter's  highly interactive and engaging magic brings life to small groups or within larger gatherings. Using a deck of cards, a pad of paper, a borrowed dollar bill, and other common objects, Peter delights with visually stunning magic that is often remembered months or years later.  Peter's close up magic is suitable cocktail parties, hospitality suites, receptions and ship christenings.

Mentalism & Mind Reading

Ever wondered what it might be like to know what someone else is thinking? Your spouse? your boss? your kids? Mentalist Peter Gross knows...and he's willing to share.  Mind Reading and Mentalist shows became popular with the introduction of NBC's "The Mentalist", but Peter has been reading minds for a long, long time.

Why do people love Mind Reading Shows?

Magic at it's best is a chance to amaze an audience and create a sense of wonder. So why do so many of magic shows look like a trip to a underfunded circus? Peter's Mentalist act is magic stripped of all that is tacky and 'Las Vegas':  The show includes no 'magical' apparatus, no sequined costumes, no loud music or smoke. 

Peter's Mind Reading differs from most traditional magic shows in that there is only one trick: knowing how and what people think, sometime even before they do. Peter's show creates a real aura of "But How?!" in the most so sophisticated audiences and more than once individuals have confused Peter with someone who claims real Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P).  Peter only claims to be an Extraordinary Smooth Performer.

Peter’s Interactive Comedy has entertained for Fortune 500 companies including

about peter

Peter has performed internationally including Germany, Spain, Holland, Japan, and Hong Kong. He's a headliner for Carnival and Celebrity Cruises and was featured act at the world famous Just For Laughs festival. In Rotterdam, Peter won two silver medals at the Orangeboom International Variety Performers Competition. In 2003, Peter began his training as a hypnotist, performing his first show 6 weeks after graduating. His interest in capturing the full power of the mind have led him to Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Landmark's Curriculum For Living.