The Intel facility in Hudson Massachusetts is on three shifts, so when Management wanted to throw a party that everyone could enjoy, it meant offering entertainment in the afternoon, the same show late at night, and then again first thing in the morning.  Technicians and managment, some still wearing their protective jumpsuits and booties, were served food and then settled in for a show.

Comedy at 9am in the morning, in a fully lit cafeteria, without a stage or lights isn't easy, but Peter charged in with his time-tested material and his enthusiastic willingness to engage his crowd and performed his show.  And here's how it went...

"Our employees are great people but they can be a very 'tough' audience.  Yet Peter's comedy was especially delightful  His interactive performance had the the audience laughing the entire time."
Intel Plant Manager Administrator

about the show

"Thanks for helping to make our event a success!"      

Intel Plant Manager Administrator

When Standing Up Isn't Enough

Any comedian can tell you the perfect environment for a comedy show:  After dinner, on a 'not-too-big' stage with the audience not too far away. But who do you call when you have to get laughs with none of these 'required' elements?

With years working in the most difficult venues, Peter knows every 'trick in the book' to capture an audience's attention and keep them engaged and laughing.  His comedy in highly interactive and he turns odd environments into features rather than deficits.

Get hypnotized has performed at Campuses across the U.S. including

01 Microsoft
Bain and Company
Price Waterhouse
04 Pioneer
Worcester Polytechnic
Continuum Care
03 Harvard
06 Boston
02 McDonald
Marci Lobofsky, Boston Scientific