Wayland High School runs a "Winter Week" full of concerts, intensive workshops,presentations and special programming. For the last 9 years they have counted on Peter Gross, performing his PG-13 safe show Get Hypnotized. Year after year, the students, some who have seen the show before, come and cheer for their fellow students, who rush the state to participate, when the time is right.

One year, in a burst of enthusiam, the Wayland Prom commitee booked Peter for the Junior prom in the same year in the spring.  When Peter suggested they consider getting a different hypnotist, just to give the kids a fresh face and style, the reaction was difinitive,

"Peter, we don't want ANYONE but you."

about the show

Hypnosis shows continue to be one of THE MOST REQUESTED acts by High School and Middle School groups.

Get hypnotized has performed at Campuses across the U.S. including

01 Microsoft
Bain and Company
Price Waterhouse
04 Pioneer
Worcester Polytechnic
Continuum Care
03 Harvard
06 Boston
02 McDonald
Marci Lobofsky, Boston Scientific