Game Creek Capital is a private investment firm that manages accounts totaling an estimated $144 million in assets under management. When its CEO decided to reward its top people (analysts, traders, administrators) he demanded entertainment that would intrigue and capitivate these intellectual heavyweights. No 'regular' magical performance would do.

With the help of the staff, Peter transformed Mr. Leddy's large vaulted ceilling 'great room' into an impromptu performance space, with Peter performing in front of the oversized fireplace.  

Peter's performance included two customized routines that spoke directly the G.C.C. recent breakthrough performance, giving them all a chance to celebrate their successes.

The final routine of the night included Peter reading the minds of three G.C.C. senior staff who stood in awe as Peter told them intimate details of their Past, Present and Future Plans.

The show lasted just under an hour but performances like this one are often remembered for years.

about the show

"A great time...thanks for your extraordinary performance"
Dennis Leddy, CEO Game Creek Capital   

Peter’s Mentalist Phenomenon show is full of entertaining ‘experiments’ in opening up his audience’s minds to find what’s there.  Whether he is predicting where a volunteer might hide a their extra house key, sharing the details of a recent dream or simply revealing details of their personal history he couldn’t possibly know, Peter’s Mentalist Phenomenon will be a sensation.

What is Mentalism?

Mentalism explores the possible limitlessness of the human mind.  Mentalism posits that the mind is much more powerful then popular science accepts and that combining advanced techniques and natural talents make it possible to create phenomenon beyond explanation. 

Peter Gross claims no extra sensory powers; instead he lets his actions and skills speak for themselves.

Telepathy – Knowing or Reading another persons thoughts

Clairvoyance – Receiving knowledge of the world while isolated

Precognition – Predicting future events, choices or actions of others

Subconscious Influence – Psychically influencing actions, choices, prejudices or preferences of others without their knowledge or permission

Get hypnotized has performed at Campuses across the U.S. including

01 Microsoft
Bain and Company
Price Waterhouse
04 Pioneer
Worcester Polytechnic
Continuum Care
03 Harvard
06 Boston
02 McDonald
Marci Lobofsky, Boston Scientific