Prattville Machine and Tool is very successful, multi-generational Massachucetts institution that was looking to entertain, reward and celebrate their hard working employees. Expert meeting Planner Ellen Meaney knew she would have her hands full, so she was looking for freindly and and skilled emcee that would guarantee that the whole evening ran smoothly.  

Peter acted as Master of Ceremonies, welcoming the guests, making sure the executives were given lively introductions and smooth exits and imparting general information about the evenings offerings. After the last speaker, he smoothly transitioned into his 45 minute comedy show and then back to emcee to help announce award winners. Peter helped close the night by introducing the CEO who gave his final thoughts and thanked everyone for coming.

about the show

"You did a great job... every loved having you at our event."

Prattville Machine and Tool


Peter Gross, Master of Ceremonies 

Surveys of people's biggest fears show fear of public speaking at the very top of the list, above death.  So it is any surprise that when it comes time to put together an staged event, you might want some extra help? When it comes to turning a series of speeches, awards and presentations into something cohesive and even engaging, why not hire a professional.

Twenty years of entertaining has left Peter Gross ready emcee your next big event.  Having an Peter on hand can make all the difference especially for multi-phase presentations. He makes everything run smoothly and when something goes wrong (malfunctioning tech, lost notes, missing speakers) there's someone there to 'fill the gaps', leaving you, the event planner, fix what's broken.

Get hypnotized has performed at Campuses across the U.S. including

01 Microsoft
Bain and Company
Price Waterhouse
04 Pioneer
Worcester Polytechnic
Continuum Care
03 Harvard
06 Boston
02 McDonald
Marci Lobofsky, Boston Scientific