Town of Kingfield, Maine was getting ready for a year-long centenial celebration and needed to raise funds for events throughout the year.   Committee member Kim Jordan was already a fan of Peter, from a 2010 fund raising performance for Breast Cancer.


Peter performed to a sold out crowd of aproximately 450 who filled the gymnasium of the Kingston High School.


'Peter Gross was phenomenal.I literally watched a man fall out of his chair onto the floor from laughing so hard!People told me that they have never laughed so hard in their lives."

Kim Jordon, Fundraising Chair,Kingston Maine.

about the show

Hypnosis shows make excellent fund raisers because EVERYONE gets excited about coming to the show: Some are excited to see the show and even more are excited to be the stars of the show.

Get hypnotized has performed at Campuses across the U.S. including

01 Microsoft
Bain and Company
Price Waterhouse
04 Pioneer
Worcester Polytechnic
Continuum Care
03 Harvard
06 Boston
02 McDonald
Marci Lobofsky, Boston Scientific